Think You Know Relationships?

Think Again!

Step into the world of Andrew John Harrison, co-founder of Goldzone, for a riveting, unfiltered, and power-packed 3-Hour Relationship Seminar at the iconic Raffles Hotel, Singapore.


This isn't your everyday relationship talk. Prepare to delve deep, challenge norms, and develop a renewed perspective on what an IDEAL Relationship truly means.

Sat, Jan 20, 2-5pm

In-Person at Raffles Hotel, SINGAPORE


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What Is It?

Join us for a 3-Hour Seminar led by Goldzone Group Co-founder Andrew John Harrison.


Discover the raw, unspoken essence of an IDEAL Relationship. Break past the myths, dive into romance's real core, and understand that ANYTHING can be transformed — if both souls are daring enough. And hey, singles? Your quest ends here. We'll uncover the secrets of magnetizing your ideal partner.

Who Should Attend

1. Couples Hungry for More — Seeking a deeper connection, unfiltered intimacy, and the ultimate fulfillment? Dive in.

2. Singles on the Hunt — Your dream partner isn't a world away; they might just be a seminar away.

3. The Relationship Adventurers — One groundbreaking idea. Endless relationship transformations.

When & Where

Select a convenient date/time:

  • Saturday, Jan 20 - 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Saturday, Mar 9 - 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Saturday, Apr 6 - 2 pm to 5 pm


  • In-person at Raffles Hotel, SINGAPORE

Your Investment:

  • Lone Wolf $55
  • Power Couple $45 each
  • Dream Team $35 each

What's Included:

  • Three-hour interactive seminar session
  • Handouts/slides/workbook
  • Refreshments
  • Power-Networking session

You Will Uncover

1. The ripple effects of relationships on your life's canvas.

2. Elevating your relationship currency.

3. Debunking relationship illusions.

4. Spicing up romance across life's spectrum — from personal to professional.

5. Envisioning the IDEAL Relationship.

6. The relationship frameworks we're all trapped in.

7. Healing relationship wounds and conflicts.

8. The intriguing dance of Money, Power, and Sex.

9. And a whirlwind of uncensored insights!

Join this 3-Hour Seminar and Unchain Your Relationship Potential!

In-person at Raffles Hotel, Singapore


Your Master Guide

Experience the magnetic presence of this unparalleled leader firsthand. Prepare to be enlightened, stretched beyond boundaries, and propelled to envision your life, career, and business from a groundbreaking perspective!

Andrew John Harrison

Co-founder of the Goldzone Group

Meet the renegade of relationships — Co-founder of the Goldzone Group, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Art Aficionado, and the Relationship Rebel, Harrison. With a mission to redefine relationship norms, Harrison has navigated the murky waters of two tumultuous divorces and the tragic loss of a co-founder, all while seeking counsel from the world's relationship elite.


Now, stationed in Singapore with his wife and three enchanting daughters, he's here to challenge your relationship beliefs, push boundaries, and elevate your relationship game.


Want a life less ordinary? Yearning for an extraordinary relationship evolution? Dive in headfirst!

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Join this 3-Hour Seminar and Unchain Your Relationship Potential!

Select Your Preferred Date:

Sat Jan 20, 2-5pm

In-person at Raffles Hotel, Singapore


Sat Mar 9, 2-5pm

In-person at Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Sat Apr 6, 2-5pm

In-person at Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Join this 3-Hour Seminar and Unchain Your Relationship Potential!

Select Your Preferred Date:

Seminar Sponsor

This seminar is proudly sponsored by Goldzone Center (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. We are passionate about your success.  

Your greatest luxury is time. We offer unsurpassed personal services that allow you to focus on what is important: imagining your ideal life, visualizing innovative products, services, and business models, aligning your teams, and infusing passion into your organization.

Contact us if you have any questions about this exciting Seminar.

  • Seminar Venue: Online | Interactive Digital Classroom
  • Office Address: Goldzone Leadership Center | Level 17, Frasers Tower, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore 069547
  • Phone: +65-6956-9222
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